About Us

  • Cassie Stanton - Founder and CEO

    Pictured on the far left, Cassie, the effervescent founder and CEO of Among the Stars, has had a lifelong fascination with the cosmos. She found her passion for astrology as a child, when her grandmother gifted her a telescope. They spent countless nights stargazing, telling stories of the zodiac, and tracing constellations. Years later, she turned her passion into her profession, founding Among the Stars, where she infuses her love for astrology into every product. Cassie's visionary leadership sets the company's course, always reaching for new celestial heights.

  • Lyra Silkey - Chief Design Officer

    Pictured on the far right, Lyra, our Chief Design Officer, grew up in a family of artists where creativity was always encouraged. After earning her degree in graphic design, she started exploring the symbolic and aesthetic richness of astrology. Her fascination with the stars led her to Among the Stars, where she weaves celestial magic into each sticker design. Lyra’s artistic vision and attention to detail bring to life the unique traits of each zodiac sign, creating products that are both beautiful and deeply meaningful to our customers.

  • Vega Rabinov - Head of Marketing

    Pictured on the middle left, Vega, our Head of Marketing, found her calling under a sky full of stars. After a camping trip where she witnessed a meteor shower for the first time, she was captivated by the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. Vega's background in business and her passion for astrology made her a perfect fit for Among the Stars. She communicates our brand’s story, vision, and products to the world, spreading our message of cosmic unity and inviting more people to join our celestial community.

  • Andy Shu - Chief Operations Officer

    Pictured on the middle right, Andy, our Chief Operations Officer, is the backbone of Among the Stars. An engineer by training, she was always intrigued by the intricate mechanisms of the universe. After reading her first astrology book, she discovered a different perspective on how things interconnect, moving her from a world of nuts and bolts to stars and planets. Andy’s efficiency and organizational skills ensure the smooth running of our operations. She manages everything from supply chain to customer fulfillment, making sure every astrology enthusiast receives their favorite products on time.

Our Mission

At Among the Stars, we strive to manifest an interstellar vision, a journey where human curiosity and the cosmos intersect in a harmonious dance. We're not just a company, but a constellation of astro-enthusiasts, collectively reaching for the stars, perpetually inspired by the enigmatic whispers of the universe.

Our mission? To weave tales of cosmic wisdom into everyday life, sparking curiosity and encouraging self-exploration through the lens of astrology. We believe that, like constellations, we are interconnected - stars in a shared celestial tapestry, each one unique yet part of a grand cosmic narrative.

At the heart of our mission lies the aspiration to create a vibrant community, a space where each individual can proudly express their zodiac spirit. Through our stellar sticker collection, we aim to spark joy, invoke cosmic self-awareness, and bridge the gap between the terrestrial and celestial.

So, join us, dear stargazers. Let’s embark on this cosmic voyage together, connecting, celebrating, and inspiring each other as we journey Among the Stars.